Newly Enhanced! ESeal™ RF and RFHT Liners

Solid Expandable Refrac Liner - The Ultimate Diverter™
ESeal ReFrac Liner

We’ve expanded the Operating Envelope of Expandable Liners for Precise and Reliable Refracturing Applications

The accelerated decline rates of tight unconventional reservoirs have intensified a surge in refracturing programs. Operators are taking advantage of improved fracturing designs to increase production and estimated ultimate recoveries (EUR) of largely impermeable shale wells. Various mechanical and chemical refracturing techniques have been employed, with widely mixed results. Sealing older, unproductive perforations with particulates is unpredictable and usually requires multiple attempts.  Chemical diverting agents, while popular, lack internal pressure integrity and tend to go the path of least resistance.

These limitations of existing methodologies led Enventure, the leader in expandable technologies, to develop the innovative ESeal RF solid expandable Refrac liner. And now, we’ve expanded the operating envelope for mechanical diversion techniques used during refrac operations. The newly enhanced ESeal RF and ESeal RFHT (High-Temp) Refrac Liners provide the industry’s highest strength and temperature ratings that will mechanically isolate old perforations, with the largest ID possible, providing more flow and more power to your reservoir during refrac. For you, this customized refrac solution translates into a faster payback on your investment and extended production life of your reservoir. 

ESeal RF Liner – The Ultimate Diverter

►   A customized refrac solution

►   More predictable zonal isolation

►   Unmatched  isolation of existing perforations

►   ID preservation ensuring optimal completions

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